Megan M., St. Charles, MO

TMJ and Headaches

“Before my splint I was having migraines nearly every day.  After getting my splint I almost never have migraines.  Before my splint I couldn’t play my saxophone as well because of my TMJ problems.  My splint increases my ability to play.  I’m very happy Dr. Smith made me a splint.”

Erin C., Wood River, IL

TMJ and Headaches

“I have had a lot of great experiences with Dentistry With TLC. From start to finish, they have taken care of me with cleanings, fillings and teeth whitening. The staff is very friendly and they always remember me. When I had a problem with a tooth, they got me in right away and took care of my issue. It’s been great ever since.
I think Dentistry With TLC is great because they are willing to deal with anything.”

Gary H., Godfrey, IL

TMJ and Headaches

“I had been having headaches and pain in my ear and down my neck. My jaw pain was so bad I could hardly even eat, but I didn’t want to have surgery. Dr. Smith treated my problems with a splint and I noticed relief immediately. Now my pain has completely gone away! I really like Dr. Smith because she explains things well. If you have jaw pain talk to Dr. Smith!”