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3D Dental X Rays – What Are 3D Dental X Rays

A 3-D X-ray machine at Dentistry with TLC.

Three-dimensional X-rays capture a true 3-D image of the mouth and allow a dentist to study the mouth in slices, similar to a CT scan. Three-dimensional X-rays sometimes referred to as a cone beam, capture images of the teeth and mouth. As a result, patients are able to see and understand their own dental X-rays…

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Q: How are Fastbraces different than regular braces?

A young girl photographed before and after her Fastbraces treatment.

A: Fastbraces have been tested and proven safe for children and adults for more than 30 years. Fastbraces are not new. However, Fastbraces are relatively new to the St. Louis area. They were developed by an orthodontist in Texas and are very popular in that area of the country. Fastbraces have several unique characteristics that…

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