I Get So Nervous at the Dentist! What Can Help Me Relax?

Most people feel anxious when going to the dentist.  Many people need assistance to help relax and have their dental work completed.  Dentistry With TLC offers three different options to help you relax.

First, Alpha-Stim Ear Clips are a great way to manage anxiety.  This technology has been available for about 30 years but very few dentists provide it for their patients.  It involves placing small, comfortable clips on your earlobes that help modify your natural “fight or flight” response.  Your brain works on different wavelengths: alpha, beta, gamma waves, etc.  Alpha waves are responsible for a feeling of relaxation and calm.  The alpha-stim ear clips allow your brain to produce more alpha waves and this helps your body feel more relaxed.  Dr. Smith has personally used this technology and finds it very relaxing.  Alpha-Stim Ear Clips are commonly used in other professions to treat anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia.  Dentistry With TLC is the only dental office in the Riverbend to use Alpha-Stim Ear Clips.

A second type of relaxation therapy is nitrous oxide.  This is commonly called “laughing gas” and aids in relaxation.  Laughing gas is an old technology and has been used by dentists for more than a century.  Many people use it along with Alpha-Stim Ear Clips to achieve a deeper state of relaxation than the laughing gas by itself.

The third option is minimal sedation.  Minimal sedation involves taking medication the night before your appointment and the morning of your appointment to help you relax during your appointment.  Dr. Smith has provided minimal sedation to her patients for over twelve years.  When people use minimal sedation they are still awake, but report forgetting how long they were at the office or the details of their appointment.  This allows people to get hours of dental work completed at one visit without being aware of the time spent at the office.  Minimal sedation allows a person to experience a prolonged feeling like the few seconds just before falling asleep.

With these three great options anyone can now conquer their fears and complete the dental work they need or want.