Q: How are Fastbraces different than regular braces?

A: Fastbraces have been tested and proven safe for children and adults for more than 30 years. Fastbraces are not new.

After 11 months with Fastbraces Caden H. now has straight teeth.

However, Fastbraces are relatively new to the St. Louis area. They were developed by an orthodontist in Texas and are very popular in that area of the country. Fastbraces have several unique characteristics that are increasing their popularity over traditional types of braces.

First, Fastbraces are designed to straighten teeth and correct your bite in just three months to about a year. They have this unique ability due to their different design. Old technology braces are usually square in shape and typically move the part of the tooth you can see in the first year and the root of the tooth below the gums in the second year, thus requiring at least two years of braces treatment. Fastbraces are triangular in shape and gently allow the top and root of the tooth to move at the same time. Fastbraces can safely do in one year what slower braces require two years to complete.

I think a great way to think about this newer technology is to compare it to traveling. If I told you I was going to travel to Chicago in only one hour you would consider it impossible for me to drive that fast. However, by flying I could easily make it to Chicago in an hour. Fastbraces are like the airplane, allowing your teeth to straighten faster because of their amazing technology.

Second, many people assume Fastbraces will be painful because they move your teeth faster. This is not true! In fact, university research has shown Fastbraces to be less sensitive than traditional braces. Fastbraces have no more risks than traditional braces.

The third unique characteristic of Fastbraces is the cost. Fastbraces cost less than slower, traditional and invisible braces. The average cost of traditional braces in this area of the country is about $5,000. Invisible braces tend to cost even more. Fastbraces usually run about $4,000.

The fourth difference is how much time Fastbraces can save you. The shorter treatment time of Fastbraces means there are fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments. Instead of making monthly visits for two years or more, you will only have to make this commitment for about half that time. This gives you more free time to spend with your family and friends or doing things you enjoy.

Finally, the very best unique characteristic about Fastbraces is their lifetime satisfaction promise at Dentistry With TLC. For example, if your dog eats your retainers and your teeth become crooked again you can get Fastbraces again for free! You only pay for the cost of your new retainers and records. Dr. Anna Smith is the only dentist in the St. Louis area to offer this type of satisfaction promise.