Tongue Tied?

A dental laser releases a tied tongue quickly and painlessly

A person who is tongue-tied has an extra connection between the bottom of their tongue and the floor of their mouth.  Most commonly, this condition can affect speech.  There are many children who undergo several years of speech therapy with little or no improvement until the tongue-tie is detected and corrected.

Traditionally the tied tongue would have to be cut with a scalpel to free the tongue to move. This can involve a half-day stay in the hospital, fasting before the operation, general anesthesia, and stitches.  This type of surgery usually leads to bleeding, swelling, pain and weeks of soreness.  In an effort to minimize these consequences, many doctors take a “wait-and-see” approach to surgery that can lead to years of embarrassment and low self-esteem.

Thankfully, there is now a better solution than surgery with a scalpel.  I can release a tied tongue without any bleeding, no general anesthesia and no hospital stay.  For this procedure, I use my dental laser to quickly reverse a tongue-tied condition and allow a person to move their tongue and speak more clearly.  The procedure usually takes less than a minute, is made comfortable with a numbing cream, results in no bleeding and virtually no swelling.  As the laser releases the tongue from the floor of the mouth, it sterilizes the area and is much less likely to become infected than when a scalpel is used.

This treatment is available for children and adults.  If you are tongue-tied or know someone who is, call today for an evaluation.  It may only take a minute to correct a pesky problem.