At Dentistry With TLC we are able to make many of our patients crowns in just one visit.  This is convenient for our patients because they don’t have to come back for another appointment and they don’t have to wear a temporary crown for weeks while they wait for the permanent crown to be made.  Our amazing CEREC machine will make an all porcelain crown in about 10 minutes.  These crowns are long lasting and beautiful.

Our amazing CEREC technology allows the doctor to take digital pictures of your teeth instead of using messy impression material.  Our computer then processes the digital pictures and the doctor designs your crown using CAD-CAM technology.  An in-house milling unit fabricates your custom designed, permanent, porcelain crown in just minutes.  This great technology saves you time and money.  Most of our crowns are completed in just one visit, even when you require a root canal on the tooth.

White Fillings

Non-Metal fillings make it possible to replace old unsightly, silver with beautiful tooth colored restorations, designed perfectly to match your natural teeth. White fillings can either be made of plastic or porcelain. With this technology we can create a filling restoration that revives the tooth’s natural strength, wear, function, and appearance. These fillings can be replaced by appointment or the same day you’re in for your cleaning!

Porcelain Fillings

A Porcelain Filling is a type of filling used to repair teeth that are fractured or have defective, large fillings.  Porcelain Fillings are white and custom made for the patient.  Our CEREC machine allows us to make your porcelain filling in about 10 minutes.  This is very convenient for our patients, and saves them the hassle of making multiple appointments to have porcelain work completed.

“I have had a lot of great experiences with Dentistry With TLC. From start to finish, they have taken care of me with cleanings, fillings, and teeth whitening. The staff is very friendly and they always remember me. When I had a problem with a tooth, they got me in right away and took care of my issue. It’s been great ever since. I think Dentistry With TLC is great because they are willing to deal with anything."

Erin C.

Wood River, IL