Great Day Saint Louis

Want to cut the cost of braces and the time you have to wear them in half?  Schedule your consultation today!

Fastbraces moved patient Jamie’s teeth in just 5 months!  Jamie was very happy she didn’t have to wear traditional braces for 3 years.

Have missing or a broken tooth? A Dental Implant may be an option for you. Patient Joyce has had success with her implant and is on the show with Dr. Smith this month.

Do you stop breathing while your asleep?  90% of people don’t realize they have sleep apnea.  Patient David suffered from Sleep Apnea and got an Oral Sleep Appliance from Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith’s office offers many services.  Watch this months episode to learn more about: One day crowns, oral cancer screenings and gum disease laser treatment.

What is Sleep Apnea?  Is it snoring?  Dr. Smith clears up confusion some people have regarding Sleep Apnea.

Fastbrace are for Adults too!  Patient Carolyn Yates talks about her experience with Fastbraces.

What have you heard?  This month Dr. Anna Smith is “MythBusting” while discussing Fastbraces on “Great Day Saint Louis”.

Dr. Smith shares ways to save money at the dentist, including how you may prevent children from needing braces.

How have you been sleeping lately?  Feeling tired?  You could have obstructive sleep apnea and not realize it!  Patient Joe shares how the Oral Sleep Appliance brought him relieve.

Do you have a child who needs Fastbraces?  Why spend years taking a your child to a dentist when the treatment can be completed in just a few months!  Patient Lauren (Age 16) shares her experience with Fastbraces.

Dr. Anna Smith talks about how an oral sleep appliance can relieve sleep apnea and why she started helping those with sleep apnea.


Todays topic on the Wellness Hour is Fastbraces.  People love Fastbraces.  Fastbraces are for both children and adults.  Watch this episode for more information on Fastbraces.

Randy Alvarez covers what you need to know about Dental Implants.  You can get a permanent set of teeth without dentures!

Looking for more information about an Oral Sleep Appliance and Sleep Apnea?  Watch this episode of Wellness Hour for in an in-depth explanation of what an Oral Sleep Appliance can do for you!