Do you find yourself thinking, “I’m just too busy to go to the dentist?” Time is precious because it is limited. There never seems to be enough time. Our doctors understand that spending time at the dentist is probably low on your priority list. Most people would rather spend valuable time off work with family and friends, enjoying a hobby or just relaxing. Here are some of the ways we value your time more than most dental offices:


We have appointments avalable from 8 AM until 8 PM.

We accommodate your schedule so you can work, spend time with your family and prioritize your dental appointments too. Our doctors and staff are gracious enough to limit the time they spend with their own families during the week to allow you to receive top-notch dental care.


Dr. Smith and Dr. Meagan provide all dental services in one office.

It is very rare for our patients to be referred to another office for any type of treatment. This includes root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, surgery, implant placement, braces, TMJ treatment, etc. When you choose a dentist who can perform all services then you can have many procedures completed at one appointment, which saves you valuable time.


Amazing, new technology saves you time.

Dentistry With TLC uses great technology that allows our doctors to complete multiple appointments worth of dentistry at each visit. In the past, it took at least 3 appointments to complete a root canal. With Dentistry With TLC’s amazing laser technology root canals can now be completed at one visit in about 30 minutes. It used to require weeks for a crown to be made at a lab and an additional appointment to be cemented. Dentistry With TLC’s amazing CAD-CAM technology a permanent crown can be completed, start to finish, all at one appointment. Braces used to require 2 years of appointments. With Fastbraces at Dentistry With TLC most patients are done is less than one year, some in just a few months! This all adds up to less time at the dentist and more time doing the things you love.


We value your time more than our own.

Almost everyday our doctors happily work through lunch or stay late to help a patient receive the care they need. It is rare that we require a patient take more time off work and come back on another day if they have care that can be completed today.


We help people of all ages.

We have had patients 10 days old and others well over 100 years old! By finding an office that helps people of all ages, you can bring your entire family to one office at one time rather than taking the kids to a different dentist than mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. We even have parents who choose to have braces at the same time as their children to cut the number of appointments in half!