Do you put off going to the dentist because it’s expensive? Did you lose your dental insurance? Our doctors understand that times are hard and most people live paycheck to paycheck. Many people today do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars in their pocket to pay upfront for all their dental work. At Dentistry With TLC you will find more financial options for making your dental work accessible.


We offer payment plans for everyone.

Most dentists require payment in full before a procedure is completed. We are different. Payment plans allow our patients to have more work completed at one time than they thought was possible. Many of our patients are able to make a small down payment and pay their balance in manageable monthly payments stretched out over years.


We offer discounts to patients without dental insurance.

They deserve TLC too! Our TLC Care plan allows people without dental insurance to receive benefits. For as little as $19 a month, you can receive two cleanings with doctor exams and X-rays each year. You will also receive 15% off all your dental work, even cosmetic and elective dentistry. There are no waiting periods and no deductibles. You can even add your spouse and children and save more money.


We help you maximize your dental insurance benefits.

Our financial coordinators will help to make sure you receive the maximum benefit possible from your individual plan. Every year insurance companies profit millions and millions of dollars from patients who never claimed their benefits and then lose their benefits at the end of the year. You pay for your insurance in one way or another. We can help you get the most out of your investment.


We communicate with your dental insurance to make your life easier.

Many patients find dental insurance to be confusing and intimidating. Our financial coordinators speak the language of dental insurance and can assist you along the way to better understand the process, lingo and rules.


We receive discounts due to Dr. Smith’s affiliations, and we pass those discounts on to you.

For example, Dr. Smith provides more SomnoMed oral sleep appliances than any dentist in the United States and Canada. She receives a type of quantity discount on the oral appliances. Rather than pocketing the difference, Dr. Smith passes the savings right along to her patients. Our patients receive thousands of dollars in discounts for their oral appliance therapy. The same is true for Fastbraces. We routinely are able to discount Fastbraces hundreds of dollars more than other dentists.