Is Poor Sleep Making You Fat?

Oral Appliance Therapy to treat Sleep Apnea helps people lose weight

It’s very common for a person who struggles with poor sleep to also struggle with extra weight.  When we feel sleep deprived we run low on energy.  A natural response to this is to use food to boost our energy during the day.  We reach for convenient, fast-foods to help fight off sleepiness, but ultimately we pack on pounds as poor food choices are coupled with lack of exercise.  These habits lead to weight gain, hormone imbalances, and further sleep loss.  This is a common and potentially deadly cycle.

For many people this cycle can be reversed by improving the quality of our sleep.  One of the most common sleep disorders is sleep apnea.  It occurs when a person stops breathing during sleep due to the tongue relaxing and blocking the throat.  It is estimated that one in five Americans suffers with sleep apnea.  Only about ten percent of these people know that they have sleep apnea.  The other ninety percent of sleep apnea sufferers just think they can’t sleep very well and struggle with low energy during the day.

When a person is diagnosed with sleep apnea they are usually instructed by their physicians to use a CPAP to help them breathe.  Half the people who are supposed to use a CPAP are unable to tolerate the device and stop using it within just one week.  Many times these people feel hopeless and are unaware that there is another option that is comfortable and successful.

In most cases, patients who are instructed to use CPAP therapy can instead use a comfortable and affordable oral appliance.  This appliance looks like a retainer and is only worn while sleeping.  Most patients who use the appliance report sleeping better, feeling more rested, no longer snoring and getting up less frequently at night.  Many lose weight, lower their blood pressure and have their doctor take them off of medications!

Pam N. of Godfrey, Illinois reports, “Since using my oral sleep appliance I have lost 40 pounds and I feel great!  My appliance is easy to use, was easy to get used to, and makes traveling easy because it’s small, not bulky like the CPAP.  Life is too short not to enjoy it to the fullest!  My oral sleep appliance has improved my quality of life by allowing me to get great sleep and have more energy during the day to take care of myself.  The benefits far outweigh the cost of this great device.” Before using her sleep appliance, Pam thought her consistent weight gain and low energy was just a normal part of aging.  Now she realizes these were side effects of sleep apnea.  By treating the underlying source of Pam’s poor sleep she has improved her overall health and enjoys a much higher quality of life!


If you or someone you know can’t use their CPAP or is struggling to lose weight and wondering if they may suffer with a sleep disorder, call Dr. Smith today.

Dr. Smith provides the most SomnoMed sleep appliances of any dentist in the United States or Canada.  She has over 95 percent success treating patients with oral appliance therapy.  She is the only dentist in the St. Louis area to achieve “Platinum Partner” status from SomnoMed for her dedication to successfully helping patients use oral appliances.  To learn more about oral appliance therapy, find a local free seminar, read real patient’s experiences, and watch Dr. Smith’s television interviews about sleep apnea, visit .  Call 618-466-0733 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith and discover if an oral appliance is an option for your unique situation.